PATRON SAINT OF: against shipwrecks, against starvation, against starving, American Indians, amputees, animals, asses, barrenness, boatmen, Brazil, domestic animals, elderly people, expectant mothers, faith in the Blessed Sacrament, Ferrazzano, Italy, fishermen, harvests, horses, Lisbon, lost articles, lower animals, mail, mariners, oppressed people, Padua, Italy, paupers, poor people, Portugal, pregnant women, sailors, seekers of lost articles, shipwrecks, starvation, starving people, sterility, swineherds, Tigua Indians, travel hostesses, travellers, watermen

GUIDANCE: Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. Became a Franciscan monk and dedicated his life to the poor. He traveled all over Europe preaching the Gospel and converting hundreds. He attracted the masses throughout his country, which brought him world-wide fame.

He is known for his miraculous intercessions for various needs, causes and conditions. His intercessory powers are so miraculous that he was nicknamed, “The Wonder Worker.” When he prayed for the recovery of a valuable psalter, it is reported that a heavenly apparition frightened the thief into returning it when he saw a vision of St. Anthony holding the Child Jesus in his arms when he looked through a window.

FEAST DAY: June 13

SAMPLE AFFIRMATIONS: What was lost, I have now recovered . . . My Faith in God causes miraculous wonders to occur in my life . . . I understand and aid those who have less than me at all times.

SAMPLE PRAYER: Father, you gave us St. Anthony as an example of Faith and the miraculous wonders that Faith holds. Holding your Child Son, Jesus close to my heart just as St. Anthony did, I ask you to help me always remember the poor and disadvantaged. I also ask that through the intercession of St. Anthony, I recover (state specific request or intention here!)

Through Jesus Christ’s Precious, Pure and Holy name I pray. – Amen


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