Meeting St. Anthony: a confidential listener

Meeting St. Anthony: a confidential listener
Pilgrims praying at St. Anthony's tombWriting to Timothy, St. Paul shows the order of making a request to God saying:
“I suggest you use supplication, prayers, requests, thanks”

  • Among these spiritual exercises, prayer is an affectionate way on man’s part of complying with God, it is an intimate and adoring meeting, the enlightened soul lingers in enjoying God as far as it is conceded.
  • Supplication is a passionate request to God since, without the grace of God, our mental efforts only add to our suffering.
  • The request is the soliciting and obtaining of worldly things necessary in our lives; and thanks consists of understanding and penetrating the grace of God, untiringly focusing our attention on God.

There are three ways of establishing a relationship with God. St. Anthony helps and guides the pilgrim, listening to his heart. He welcomes life, joy, pain, hope. He helps us express to ourselves and to God how much we hold in our hearts, though we sometimes are worried. He pays attention to our requests, celebrates in the graces God has given us, helps us to implore the mercy of God, he urges us to adhere to God and His son Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

The hand on the tomb is a silent gesture characteristic of the pilgrim. It expresses trust, affection, confiding in secrecy, and the need for physical contact which every pilgrim carries within.

Many pilgrims write their own prayer of petition to St. Anthony, and they place it on his tomb. They use postcards which can be found at the entrance to the Basilica or at the end of the exhibition on St. Anthony in the General Cloister. Before arriving at the Basilica, you can send a prayer to St. Anthony or ask for a postcard by internet


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