St Anthony “Prayer of Thanksgiving “

Prayer of Thanksgiving

St. Anthony, God has helped me abundantly through your prayer and has strengthened me in my need. I thank God and I thank you. Accept this prayer and my serious resolve which I now renew, to live always in the love of Jesus and of my neighbor. Continue to shield me by your protection and pray to God for the final grace of one day entering the kingdom of heaven to sing with you the everlasting mercies of God. Amen.
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4 Responses to St Anthony “Prayer of Thanksgiving “

  1. swapna says:

    thank you st.antony for favours luggage was missing when i arrived in kochi.the airline also could not locate wher the bags and my family prayed to st.antony the saint for lost things.the second day i got all my luggage back..thant u st.antony for the quick help in my situation.

  2. pamela says:

    Thank you St. Anthony for answering my prayers through your powerful intercession that my financial
    needs were met on time. I have so many things to be thankful for to God and through you God graces and abundances fell on me.
    Praise to you and to our God almighty.

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