St. AnthonyDaily Prayer

St. Anthony

Daily Prayer

V. Pray for us, good St. Anthony,

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let Us Pray.

May it be a source of joy, O God, to your Church that we honor the memory of your Confessor and Doctor, St. Anthony. May his spiritual help always make us strong, and by his assistance may we enjoy an eternal reward. This we ask through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen.

St. Anthony of Padua, a native of Portugal, was born in Lisbon, in the year 1195. When he was 15, he joined the Canon Regular of St. Augustine and remained a monk for ten years.

Filled with missionary ardor St. Anthony entered the Franciscan Order in which he spent the remaining 11 years of his short life. He died in Italy at Vercelli on June 13, 1231, and was canonized by Pope Gregory IX within a year.

In contrast to the brevity of St. Anthony’s life is the universality of his appeal which remains undimmed today after almost 800 years. He is recognized by many observers as the most popular of all the Saints of God.

The followers and clients of St. Anthony are legion in every Christian land. They have over the centuries observed Tuesday as a special day consecrated to his honor.

Saint Anthony is rightly celebrated as the Wonder-Worker of Padua, the city which guards his tomb, and by Catholics the world over as the Saint of Miracles.

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