St. Anthony’s Church, Siolim ,Goa.India

St. Anthony’s Church, Siolim ,Goa,India

St Anthony Church is one of the renowned churches, in Siolim of Goa. Built in the Corinthian style, the church is painted in slight yellowish color and is noted for its architectural brilliance. It has two steeples.

Founded by Franciscans in 1568, St Anthony Church houses a beautiful statue of St Anthony, on the church frontispiece, with a serpent dangling on a rope in his right hand.

A major draw is the feast of St Anthony, which is celebrated with traditional pomp and fervor.

Siolim is a Village situated at about 7 kms from Mapusa in the Bardez Taluka of North Goa. It is located around the Chapora River and is well known for the Siolim bridge. The bridge is a landmark here and is a great place from where one can enjoy some scenic sunset views.

The people of Siolim are known as Siolcars. Many Musicians, sportspersons, bishops and other famous Goans are known to be from here. It is also known that earlier there were many lions in this place and hence the name originated from two Konkani words Xinv that means lion and Halli which means a village.

There is a church in Siolim dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. Earlier there existed a Church of Mae de Deus, however being a kutcha structure; it did not survive for many years. A number of parish chapels also exist here such as the chapel at Gaunsavaddo (Mae de Deus), Marna (St. Sebastian), Portavaddo and Tarchi Bhatt.

Siolim also has temples like the Shri Datta Mandir and Sateri Temple. The Datta Mandir located in Ghol Marna Siolim is dedicated to Shri Dattatreya and celebrates festivals like Gurupadwa, Vardhapan Divas, Gurudwadshi, Dattajayanti etc. The Sateri temple is situated at Shelim and dedicated to goddess Sateri. It is well known for the festival of Diwsans.

There are a number of schools located in Siolim such as the Holy Cross High School, which was a very popular girls convent in Goa, St Francis Xavier‘s High School and Higher Secondary School, Shri Vasant Vidhyalaya at Portavaddo, Keerti Vidyalaya at Raim and Shri Shanta Vidyalaya in Sodiem.



Srimal Fernando  The Journalist

Srimal Fernando The Journalist



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