St. Anthony Church, Prospect, CT USA


Welcome to St Anthony Parish

Our Parish

Welcome to St. Anthony Church. St. Anthony is an active, growing Catholic faith community in Prospect Connecticut. As you will observe in browsing our website, St. Anthony offers many ministries and programs that can engage the interest and gifts of young and old alike!

Here at our parish, we challenge our members to practice a faithful celebration of the sacraments and to see in these wonderful gifts the framework of their spirituality. Faith only grows and deepens when active and the importance of regular faith-filled worship and participation are encouraged in all of our parish programs. Growing in our relationship with God is always a challenge and something that is meant to move us toward growth and change!

The parish Pastoral Council is committed to developing new ministry ideas and how the Gospel speaks to our ordinary daily lives. The Pastoral Council is also actively interested in Catholic Social Teaching and how the Gospel challenges our lives. Social Ministry is at the core of our identity as Christians and calls us to order our lives and our society around the teachings of Christ.

At St. Anthony we sincerely attempt to heighten our awareness of the needs of the poor and hurting and look to determine the causes for the many injustices of our time. We also continue to develop sensitivity to issues impacting our environment and how each of us bears the responsibility of faithful stewardship.

I hope you enjoy our website and more importantly, our parish family. The heart of St. Anthony Church is found in the many people, past and present, who have found their Creator here and have been touched by our community of faith. It is the legacy of deep faith and hard work that has brought us to this day and will continue to carry us well into the future.

May the peace that only God can give be yours!

Father Mark S. Suslenko


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