Saint Anthony’s Church in Lisbon, Portugal. Saint Anthony’s birthplace

Saint Anthony’s Church
Saint Anthony’s birthplace

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Saint Anthony Church Santo Antonio (better known as Saint Anthony of Padua), revered as a matchmaker, protector of young brides, and patron of the lost and found, was actually born in Lisbon, on the site of this church.

Work began in 1757, and the façade blends the Baroque style with Neoclassical Ionic columns.

Inside, the altar features an image of the saint with Christ in his arms, the sacristy is faced with 18th century tiles, and there is a modern tile panel commemorating the visit of Pope John Paul II to the church in 1982.

Next door is a small museum with images and manuscripts relating to the life of the saint, as well as gold and silverware used to decorate the church.

Mass marriages known as “St. Anthony’s Weddings” are held here during the mid-June St. Anthony’s Day celebrations.

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SrimalFernando -Journalist - Kayts islands Jaffna (Front Line )with SL Army -2005

SrimalFernando -Journalist - Kayts islands Jaffna (Front Line )with SL Army -2005

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